Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heard in passing...

"The Devil's gonna get you..." A guy was shouting this downtown, today, as I was making my way to the courthouse to argue away my fine for taking Wylie out to the park off leash last month!

"Let your spirit go and the rest will follow..." Guy on the bus on my way downtown (he was talking on his cell phone and this is the only sentence I overheard.)

"Is that a new suit, sweetie?!" A gay guy said to his lover as they kissed and met-up downtown at lunchtime today.

"Wow! Her pussy lips must be thin like pringles." Stucco said, as we looked at a gigantic poster of a waifishly thin model going up on the side of his building.

Heh. Downtown is always fun :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lincoln Park Swing

Pull it on up...

Get set...



There is a great park here, right on the Sound. We have all hiked on the beautiful trails, enjoyed the sound of the surf, and discovered the coolest swing! Z. and I left Stucco to convalesce as we made our way to the park with Sal (our chocolate lab.) The swing is mounted on some wires and has pullies at the top. You pull the swing to the top of the hill, sit on its seat and jump off the curb, and whip down the hill. The best thing about it is, it looks like you could just keep going at the bottom and end up in the water. I love this swing as much as the kids do!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Poor Stucco

I got a baking stone for Valentine's Day, Stucco got an almost heart-shaped bruise on his leg. The poor guy was just trying to be "the good dad" and take his kids swimming for Z.'s B-day. While entering the pool, his hand slipped and he did a very ungraceful type of side splash into the pool. No one really realized how badly he hurt himself at the time. He proceeded to do a few high dives, low dives and swam with the kids, all the while his muscles were screaming at him to stop. He is now gimping around and living on advil and booze while he tries to heal. If you get a minute, visit his site and wish him well (or pass on some good advice on how to approach the pool entry for next time!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine Present

Stucco made my day! He replaced my baking stone that I left in the house in CO with a beautiful new one. My old stone was 11 years old and was perfectly seasoned. I made the best cookies and flatbreads on the old one and I plan to break-in the new one tomorrow. Thank you Hunny! Love you more.

Monday, February 12, 2007

7 Years Ago...

I was experiencing the birth of our son. Z. came into the world, one day after his due date, fat, sassy and happy. He was the best kind of baby to cuddle. He grew quickly (and is still growing at an alarming rate!) His most wonderful traits are his kind heart and a wicked sense of humor (hmm.. wonder where he got those? ;) He is a budding cartographer and is obsessed with ancient civilizations (Egyptians, Mayans etc.) I am so proud to know him. He'll always be my "baby." Love you Z-Man!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Is it wrong that while helping our daughter with her math homework, I became obsessed with baking a pie? I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. While working on finding the area of circles, I started daydreaming. Well, I never really liked math much anyway. Pie, on the other hand! Mmm...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Have a Date

July 21st 2007 (Our daughter's birthday :) The 7th book of HP will go on sale at 12:01am. A. and I are excited! Now we need to decide which bookstore to share the craziness. We want to go back to the Tattered Cover in CO for our last :( HP party but, as Stucco pointed out, for the cost of airfare, we could buy a HP edition of the iPod and all of the audio versions that A. and I have been wanting. So we need to find an alternative bookstore in Seattle that might have a fun party going on as well. Decisions, decisions!