Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come Along On Our Trip To CO 2010

Stucco and I were going back and forth about taking a trip because airfare was so inexpensive. I said, "Hawaii!" But Stucco was more reasonable and suggested we take a trip to Colorado (since we hadn't visited since we moved away 3 and a half years ago.) We had the best time ever! It is amazing to have such good people in our lives. The best reason to visit was Mersie's good news that she has been cancer-free for 4 years now!! We all had a great time celebrating. We went to Tonya, Chris, Mason and Lily's for a pizza party and Band Hero/Rock Band with everyone on Friday night. Then on Saturday it was coffee in the morning with Mer and Darci at Peet's. We visited Mark's beautiful grave together too. On Saturday evening we had dinner at The Tyson's and poker night at Andy and Mer's with everyone. Sunday was shopping for the girls and chillin' out for the boys. Stucco and I made dinner for everyone on Sunday night and it was home to Seattle Monday. All in all we couldn't really had a better trip. Love to all!

(Mer and Andy) Simply put, they are family to us. It is difficult to be separated from them by so many miles. Love you and miss you every day!

A and Z enjoying the snow. It snowed the entire time we were there!

The Boyos (O. and Pants's twins) Accomplished musicians at such a young age!

("Duck") Stucco has known him for almost longer than he can remember. I've had the privilege of knowing him over 20 years. He lives in Denver, but hopefully he will decide to make his way to here and very soon call Seattle his home.

(Me and Darci) We were invited over to Darci and the girls's home for dinner on Saturday night before we played poker at Andy and Mer's. It was our first visit since Mark passed away. Their home is still so warm and inviting. Mark's presence can still be felt in the love his family shows to all who enter. We love you and miss you!

"Jenna Jenna Bo Benna" (Darci and Mark's daughter) She's still the same sweetie pie we've known since she was a tiny baby!

A. and Cydney (Darci and Mark's other daughter) We love you Cyd!

(A. and Pants) This picture gives you the sense of how much Alia has grown since we left Colorado. She was the same height as Pants when we left! Don't let Nancy Pants's height fool you! She may be small but she's mighty :) Pants is probably the smartest woman I have ever met. I truly admire her for many other reasons though, and miss her every day.

(Tonya and Chris) It was so great to see them after so long! I've known Tonya for more than 14 years, and she has been one of my truest friends in every sense of the word. Miss you :(

(O.) At the poker table on Saturday night. This is the good man who shared his Guinness with me.

A got to visit with Catie (her best friend from grade school)

Mersie and Me in our matching shirts and hats. (We both adore tie-dyed shirts!)

Our amazing girls (A and Marissa- Andy and Mer's daughter) They wore their matching pajamas we had purchased on our shopping trip earlier in the day.

Our sweet godson Mason (Tonya and Chris's son) He is still such a delight to be around!

Christopher (Andy and Mer's oldest son) He is one of the nicest, intelligent boys we know!

Wonderful Charlie (Andy and Mer's son)

While the adults played poker upstairs, our children played poker downstairs as well!

Me with Lily Marie (Tonya and Chris's daughter) She's even more adorable than she looks!

One of my favorite pics that I took. Mason and Z hugging goodbye. *sniff*

We stopped by Pants and O's to say "hi" to Sam (one of our favorite dog friends) and Grace O'Malley (a favorite cat friend.) I tried to fit him in my purse, but alas, he was too big!

We left with mixed feelings. We were so glad to be going home to Seattle, but we were already missing everyone in CO.

The sun literally emerged from behind the clouds right before we boarded our plane to leave Colorado!

We had a beautiful view of Mt. Baker right before we landed at home in Seattle. If you look closely in the distance, you can see Mt. Rainier. We flew over Mt. Baker and the Skagit Valley, then turned south towards Seattle.

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