Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Thoughts

So many thoughts, so little time...

Facebook is very foreign to me. I think it is so odd that you can see absolutely everyone's comments about everyone's comments.

Swimming lessons for the kids are starting again tomorrow. It makes me so proud to see how well they swim since I've never really been a good swimmer.

Work is going well, but it pains me to see so many children being raised with such a sense of entitlement. The words "spoiled brat" come to mind many times throughout the day.

We are hoping to get our passports in time for summer vacation so we can go to Canada.

I wish we had more money in savings. This economy scares me.

I miss so many people right now. Know I am thinking of all of you, even though I can't seem to find the time to keep in touch.

The recent sunny weather is so refreshing.

We drove to the coast of Washington to Ocean Shores. The beach was scummy and cars are allowed to drive all over the shore. It was so sad to see the beautiful shore desecrated like that.

We are going to drive to La Push, WA soon. I wonder if we'll run into Jacob? ;)