Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winthrop Wonderland

We had such a great time up in the mountains with Dad and M. I got to experience the fun of snowshoeing. The great thing about snowshoeing is that you get to experience the breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys without having to possess any special skills. I am frightfully uncoordinated, so skiing is right out for me. I was fortunate to have Dad and M. breaking the trail for me. If it was up to me to trudge first through the fresh foot of powder, I would have collapsed in a heap! A. and Z. loved the sledding hill. They had their first ski lesson as well. Z. wanted to go skiing on "the big trail" right after his 3 hour lesson ended. We will have to go up again and spend a little more time. I have an image, in my mind, of the snow sparkling in the sunlight. It was absolutely beautiful! If you ever get the chance, spend some time near the Methow Valley.